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The Personality Type Test
You are going to be faced with a series of choices.  Choose the set of descriptions that best describes you.  Be honest and remember that no one else is going to see the results unless you choose to share them.


• prefer to work around others

• prefer to work on several projects at a time

• usually act first, then think about it

• express thoughts and emotions freely

• want to be in on the action



• prefer to work by themselves

• prefer to focus on one task at a time

• usually think first, then act

• keep thoughts and emotions to themselves

• prefer solitude and serenity



Extraverts tend to be action-oriented, expressive and outgoing. They are 'enthusiasts'. Extraverts prefer to direct their attention to the outer-world of people, places, things and activity.
Introverts tend to be reflective, reserved and private. People often think they lack 'social skills'. That may not be true - they may just like their own company. Introverts do not 'need' people around. Introverts pay more attention to the inner-world of ideas and reflection.


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